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(Jun 25, 2013)
Ha! That's awesome! I like their sound! Very heavy and ominous!
(Jun 23, 2013)
My nephew plays with TOAD: ... hope it's acceptable to post a link!
(Jan 07, 2013)
That sounds amazing. Someday, I will test the theory about geosynchronous resonance inside the main hall of the pyramid of Giza...
(Jan 05, 2013)
I did, thanks! I spent Christmas in Egypt :) Needed some sun and daylight!
(Jan 03, 2013)
Awww, thank you! I hope you had some great holidays as well!
(Jan 01, 2013)
I hope that everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year :)
(Nov 24, 2012)
Oh man...I'm sorry I missed it! one!
(Nov 20, 2012)
hey boss gonna try and set up a run somewhere on 11/21 around 5pm central time if u or anyone wants to join.
(Nov 14, 2012)
Oh, definitely! I'll do it now :)
(Nov 13, 2012)
yo vit hook me up to officer status for one so maybe i can get some stragglers like myself recruited. im lonely man.
(Nov 12, 2012)
THEY KILLED OUR WEBSITE! Wix no longer allows IFRAMEs...I have to find another solution for our URL.
(Nov 05, 2012)
Good to see you are keeping things afloat!!
(Nov 03, 2012)
It's okay. I ate enough candy corn (in game) for the whole guild...
(Nov 03, 2012)
Sorry I've not been around lately, life is currently quite busy! Hope you all enjoyed the Halloween events, I didn't even manage to get on for those :(
(Oct 31, 2012)
I don't believe that's a valid GW2 command.
(Oct 30, 2012)
"All right now, I think I would like to hear all of you roar like a great beast. Yes, that would be nice. Mad King Says: ROAR!"
(Oct 28, 2012)
IS NOT! We were just resting!
(Oct 27, 2012)
This is one empty shoutbox...
(Oct 11, 2012)
(Oct 09, 2012)
I do dat all day err day! *cough* ;D